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PHSE - Year 9 Active Learning Project

PHSE – Year 9 Active Learning Project

As part of the KS3 PSHE curriculum, all Year 9 pupils were involved in an active learning project last term. This project involved raising awareness of a pressing social issue for a key charity by combining teamwork and project management skills. There were some examples of excellent work with chosen social issues ranging from poverty, child abuse and online safety to the refugee crisis, gang violence and drug abuse.

Year 9’s were split into groups and each group had to create a campaign presentation on their chosen issue. All teams then had to present to their individual classes and votes took place within classes through which four final teams were selected to present to the year group and a panel of judges in an assembly. The final groups were scored on their presentations and presentation skills.

The winners of the final presentations were Nikin Mulabdic 9H, Brian Ekoh 9B, Ben Runham 9T, Bradley Dunn 9S and Imtiaz Bhuyan 9B. They educated their peers on the issue of child labour and have won money for their chosen charity ‘I am WE’ and have won tickets to attend the ‘I am WE’ concert at Wembley Stadium - excellent job!

It was, however, a very close call between the winning group and the runners up so very well done also to the following pupils for their hard work and effort: Michael McCartney (first runner up), Ahmed Duale, Adam Guerguer, Keefe Choong, Kaneesha Bennett, Chardonnay Christie, Nazrin Khatun and Yasmin Manik.

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