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Poetry Slam!

Poetry Slam!

Poetry Slam! With Spoken Word Artist Joshua Idehen

10 students in KS3 were very lucky to participate in a range of creative writing activities with spoken word artist and poet Joshua Idehen all day on Monday 25th June. The whole day involved students thinking about their identity and how they can express who they are in a thoughtful, creative and original way.

As well as looking at their identity, pupils were tasked to write a poem about global issues. All the pupils worked together, rising to each challenge and respecting each other’s views. 5 students have been chosen to showcase their work at the Poetry Slam! at the Rich Mix in Bethnal Green. We wish them every success for the competition.

Below is a poem inspired by the plight of the Syrian refugee crisis written by two students in Year 8:

Her face was a mirror of sadness

Her heart was a bomb waiting to explode.

Her brain, their brains were a constant movie of tragic flashbacks

Her skin was dirt, alive with every movement.

Her ribs were bars holding her emotions.

 How many sad or depressed people does it need to change a lightbulb?


It’s always dark.

                    Photo: Huffington Post

Ms Khatun

Respecting Each Other, Working Together & Rising to the Challenge

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