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Rothschild Careers Presentation Final Bow Students Impress the Judges


Rothschild Careers Presentation Final – Bow Students Impress the Judges

The Rothschild mentoring programme pairs up mentors from Rothschild bank with students from Bow School. The mentors visit students over the course of their time at the school and provide help with anything the student might bring up – anything from upcoming exams, to preparation for job interviews and more.

On Thursday 18th April, eight Year 9 students took part in the final round of a presentation competition organised by Rothschild. Competition was fierce as these students had already all been successful in getting through the first round, which was held at Bow School. 

Students were given the topic of discussing a future career they were interested in and given the tough task of finding someone in that profession to interview in preparation for the presentation. The presentation had to be 5 minutes long and the aim was to explain as much about the job as possible (what it is, a typical day in the job, the pros and cons and why they would be right for that career).  It was a very successful event with all finalists giving fantastic presentations.

The students obviously enjoyed themselves despite the nerves and constantly checking their notes in preparation beforehand. Towards the end of the event, the students paid tribute to their mentors by thanking them for the huge role they played in helping them build up confidence to effectively present their work.  First prize was awarded to Jan Bantic for his presentation on screenplay writing, with Ishraq Ahmed and Sanuwar Hussain coming second and third respectively. The judges were so impressed with the quality of the presentations that they decided that everyone should go home with something, which resulted in the students all receiving a fancy Rothschild watch!

 By Jan Bantic, 9O