Bow School



On the 10th of February 2014, after school in the activities hall, Bow School held its first ever Spelling Bee competition. Organised  by Dr. Onwere and Ms. Basi, the event was brilliant and well attended, with students turning up to support their classmates and parents being there to offer their sons the  much needed moral support  in this wonderful event. There were some minor glitches though, as some younger students later felt they had more difficult words than some of the older students.

Despite this, the Spelling Bee was an overall success and Bow will definitely be holding another one next year. The Year 7 winner was Peter McCartney from 7A (the writer of this piece); the Year 8 winner was Al-huda Al-Huda 8P and the Year 9 and overall KS3 winner was Sadik Ahmed 9O.

All participants put at least 4 hours of work and effort into this Spelling Bee so also deserve a mention for their excellent contribution. The year 7 participants were Yaseen Ahmed 7P; Shafiur Rahman 7P; PeterMcCartney 7A; Sameer Ahammad 7A; Elliot Ross 7O; Junaydul Abdin 7O; Rio Puffett 7N and Mohim Ali 7N. The year 8 participants were Al-huda Al-Huda 8P; Mubarak Ahmed 8P; Imran Uddin 8A; Shahadot Mahir 8O; Arife Hussain 8O;  Shamim Miah  8O; Raihan Ahmed 8N and Attikur Rahman  8N. The participants from year 9 were Tammam Al-Nahiyan Ishtar  9P; Yamin Begh 9P; Youmi Hoque 9A; Labib Khan 9A; Nakib Mahfuz 9T;  Farhad Ali 9T; Sadik Ahmed  9O; Naim  Hussain 9O and Ariq Rahman 9N.

They all did themselves proud.

By Peter McCartney 7A