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Samsung Next Gen Designing a product

Samsung Next Gen: Designing a product:

Students were given a chance to imagine the future by exploring the role tech can play in solving some of society’s biggest issues. Bow School ran a programme that inspired students with ideas and careers that used tech for positive change, supporting educators with engaging plug and play learning journeys, culminating in a nationwide competition. Many KS3 students and some KS4 students were able to think creatively about how technology can help us imagine a better world. These students, not only were able to learn a valuable process for generating and shaping ideas but also built confidence in creative ideation and problem-solving. They had an understanding about how careers in research & development (R&D), product design and marketing are part of this process. Internal competition was also held to encourage our pupils.

Congratulations to Sayed Miah for securing the First Place who developed an idea called ‘Upcycle Direct’, a mobile App that gives information about making new products using your recycling material and solves environmental problem.

Congratulations to Amy Xia & Jiyaad Ahmed for securing the Second Place, who worked as a Team and came up with an innovative idea called ‘Hope’ that uses tech to convert waste food material into compost and solves environmental problem.