Bow School

British Science Week

British Science Week

Each year, the British Science Association runs a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths called British Science Week. We ran activities and competitions across the school and in some of our partner primary schools. Here is a selection of examples of Science in action at Bow.

Our STEM Club students took the theme of ‘Growth’ and with butterfly kits showed good investigative skills; looking after the caterpillars and sharing their observations. Videos and pictures with explanations about the transformation of caterpillars into beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies were shared on the virtual KS3 STEM Club platform and, for the finale, the adult butterflies were released into the wild. 

Baylab Lab Coat Competition: Students had to design a lab coat with the theme ‘Food waste’ raising awareness of the importance of Science in our everyday lives and also encouraging the reduction of food waste with a theme in honour of COP 26 and the United Nation’s sustainability goals.

Marine Engineering Workshop: Students carried out amazing experiments to enhance their engineering skills learning the fundamentals of buoyancy, linking their knowledge with KS3 current Science topic ‘Forces’ from the schemes of work.

Exploration & Discovery Teacher-Student Badge Hunt Activity: Every Bow staff member wore a badge with information about famous explorers and people who made important discoveries. Students won prizes by completing quiz activities.

Year 7 Form Quiz: Every Year 7 Form had to do a class quiz and competed with other forms to score the maximum House points. Congratulations to master’s who won the competition.

Crest Award Project: All KS3 students were involved in developing enquiry, problem solving and communication skills when given the opportunity to plan and carry out an investigation to find out how the growth of a plant is affected by light intensity. The project work will be continued as an extension homework task for this term and will be assessed by teachers and then, submitted for Crest Awards – good luck everyone!