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Students get a taste of High Society

Students get a taste of High Society

On Monday 18th May 24 students from Year 9 and Year 10 and 3 members of staff spent a day at The Old Vic Theatre.

During the day the students worked with the staff at The Old Vic to explore various aspects of being an actor, producing a play and running a successful theatre company. They did a variety of workshops which not only taught them about how the theatre world works but also how they could develop their own personal skills to help them with their future goals.

With the help of The Old Vic team the students eventually devised their own version of the current production “High Society” and delivered a presentation on the stage of The Old Vic in front of a team of expert judges. One of the people watching the presentations was the CEO of Celtic Football Club who had been responsible for funding the project and making this trip possible. It was great to see our students showing off their talents on the stage of The Old Vic and it was clear that the judges were very impressed with the quality of the work that the students had done.

In itself that would have made the visit a fantastic day but this was not the end of the day. As part of the project we were given free tickets to see the five star production of “High Society” which meant that we could stay on after the workshops had ended to attend the show as audience members. “High Society” is a high energy musical with a huge cast and lots of lively and catchy songs. The cast were excellent and made the evening a real success. It was amazing to think that only a few hours earlier our students had been on the same stage as the professional actors giving their presentations in a similarly professional and credible fashion.

We finally got back to school at 11.00pm but there was no doubt that this had been a really worthwhile experience and an incredible opportunity to develop some essential skills, learn something about how theatres work and see a first class musical production.