Bow School

Students raise awareness for the Tower Hamlets Foodbank

Students raise awareness for the Tower Hamlets Foodbank

The Citizenship GCSE course includes a project where groups have to raise awareness of an issue and the work that they do around this forms a part of their Controlled Assessment.  Our group chose ‘Child Poverty’ and we decided to raise money for this important issue by running a rowing competition in school. 

Two teams of teachers raced against two teams of students on the rowing machines that were moved into the playground for the lunchtime event.  This ensured that most of the school were able to watch as the 4 teams raced each other.  The competition was a great success, not only because of the entertainment value but also in raising money that we have put towards buying food for local people in need.

The photographs below capture some of the intense competition at the rowing event and also show us putting food into the school Foodbank collection box.

Imran Hussain