Bow School

The Big Bang Event

The Big Bang Event

Year 8 students from Bow Secondary school visited UTC to celebrate ‘The Big Bang at School’- a day for students to experience STEAM activities.  

The students were treated to three activities in the college: a LEGO workshop, a taste of the wondrous world of Virtual Reality and an architecture team building exercise. 

In the LEGO session, students were tasked to design, build and code a race car using a motor. Students were introduced to the educational potential of LEGO, as they worked together to build the fastest model. Once the models were completed, the LEGO vehicles competed against each other to see who could pass finish line first!

The LEGO lead Josh shared that, 'The visiting students were fantastic; they were creative and really surprised us with their innovative designs and diverse range of LEGO robotic creations, the energy in the room was electric!'

Next, the VR session began with a talk on the importance of virtual reality in digital media and related industries. Following an exciting demonstration, our students then got to try out different VR games and model making programs. These activities allowed students to step in and explore the innovative world of Virtual Reality!

Finally, students were introduced to architecture through a challenging team building task. After discussing what the students knew about architecture and the importance of this industry, the group were split into teams and tasked to build a stable structure that can fit a team member in it. Students had to work together in their teams to use the range of materials and build a structure that had size, stability and aesthetic.

These three sessions gave our students a great insight into the diverse and exciting world of STEAM!