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The P4C Transition Project

The P4C Transition Project

Bow School are proud to announce that our P4C (Philosophy for Children) Transition Project will continue this academic year - our fourth year of running this exciting and innovative project.

Bow School has been working with three feeder primary schools to develop good practice in Philosophy for Children and aid the transition process from primary to secondary school.  Currently, we are working with Old Palace, Marner and Manorfield Schools to encourage a new generation of inquisitive and philosophical thinkers. During the year, teachers from all four schools will take part in joint training, students will take part in joint P4C enquiries and the year will culminate in our annual Celebration Event.

We had our first transition training session in October and are looking forward to the next one in December. 

 An exciting year with wonderful opportunities lies ahead of us and we can’t wait!  

Ms Akhtar

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