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Tower Hamlets Writing Competition

Tower Hamlets Writing Competition

Tower Hamlet’s writing competition winner 

‘We need to make some changes around here’

After much anticipation, the winner for the Tower Hamlet’s writing competition for Bow School has been revealed...

Jannatul (10O) blew judges away with her short story exploring the challenges around race, religion and identity. Jannatul’s creative piece follows the story of a young girl trying to fit in a society where tensions are high; she is torn between two identities and her struggle to reveal who she really is stirs fury in the one she trusts the most.

As part of the winning process Jannatul, alongside other winning students, was invited to take part in a writing workshop with the acclaimed children’s author Beverly Naidoo. Well done Jannatul!

We hope to see many more students taking part in competitions!

Ms Khatun

 Rising to the Challenge – The Bow Way