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Trip To National Maritime Museum

Trip To National Maritime Museum

Stories from the Sea … Pirate, Explorer or Privateer?

On Tuesday, 8th May 2018 our lovely year 7 EAL Language enrichment pupils had the opportunity to become adventurous explorers for the day. Discovering epic stories on their journey around the world with tales of intrepid explorers and remarkable feats of endeavor during their visit to the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich.

The pupils used their orientation skills to indicate the correct route to our final destination.

On our way to the National Maritime Museum, we came across the historic sailing ship known as ‘Cutty Sark’, which is now a visitor’s attraction in Greenwich.

Once we arrived at the Maritime Museum the pupils were given the opportunity to organise themselves into teams and received a ‘Scavenger Hunt’ task to work on. Through their activity, pupils were inspired to explore our local and national maritime past through breathtaking museum collections of objects, paintings, intriguing stories and unforgettable characters. They explored the might of the British navy, her trade with the rest of the world, artifacts, models of ships and famous sea captains. They traveled to the ends of the earth with stories of polar exploration from Scott, Shackleton and Amundsen, discovered new worlds with Columbus, Drake and Cook and caught a glimpse of the Great British Sea-Side photography exhibition.

Students enjoyed working in teams and were competitive, as well as supporting each other using their resilience and their independent learning skills to complete the activities to hand.

The whole experience at the National Maritime Museum enabled pupils to gain first-hand experience of the different aspects of life at sea, become little explorers and also broaden their knowledge.

Ms Albu

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