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UNLEASHED! South Bank Centre, Sunday 8th April

The event again featured our brilliant NYO Young Promoters - this time at the iconic Southbank Centre on the Thames

Our students were amazingly professional, presenting a live show with a BBC video they helped create, as well as interviewing leading NYO performers live on stage in the impressive Clore Ballroom.

They started at 9.00 am and worked until 9:30 pm that evening when the second NYO concert finished.

They will be involved in the next NYO event at the Royal Albert Hall on 4th August in the Proms.


Please read below a student impression from one of the NYO promoters.

"I was one of the few lucky students to be selected as a NYO young promoter. We were there because we teamed up with BBC Radio 3’s staff to work on projects such as interviews, welcoming the audience and much more. When we were going to the venue I thought it was going to be very classic, boring music that rich people listened to, but when I first heard the orchestra I was mind blown by the way they combined classical orchestral music and modern-day beats and turned into a master piece, and that the music is something that people of different age groups and styles could listen to. The music that the orchestra played is totally different and they made a brand-new style of music. Before I listened to the music I wasn’t interested in this type of style and didn’t really take notice; but after listening to it, I was astounded by the music.  The NYO group bought complete strangers together and they made a really strong bond between them by playing music together, and one of the mind-blowing things is that the people playing are teenagers aged between 13 to 19 year olds and this shows that at such little age they accomplished so much, so next time you say you can’t do something think back at the teenagers at NYO and remember that you can accomplish anything if you put your heart and soul into it”.      

Mr Bourne

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