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Urban Development Project

Urban Development Project

The Music Department took pupils to the Historic Tower of London recently to perform tracks from our 'Urban Development' project. The pupils performed to passers-by and parents right by the Thames on a professional stage on the old Bowling Green.  They were all quite nervous at first but were fantastic performers - rising to the challenge of performing their own music live at a major venue.

Afterwards they were all served cold drinks and cakes on the green and they all received hand-wrapped presents to remind them of the experience.

We are so proud of their achievements this year.

Several pupils performed the same tracks just a few days later for the new Year 6 parents on an outside stage in the playground.

All the pupils who took part in this ‘special project’ will be meeting Paigey Cakey (an up-and-coming female rapper and actor) on the 18th July where they will perform to her and listen to her advice about the music industry.

It's been a great year for these pupils.

Mr Bourne