Bow School

West London MUN

West London MUN

At a Model United Nations Conference you take on key issues facing the globe. 

As a conference delegate, students make sure the country they represent is heard, and work with other nations to solve the world's most pressing problems.

West London MUN is a small supportive one day MUN conference, designed for students new to MUN, or intermediate participants looking to build their skills, providing extensive resources and opportunities for new participant training.

I had the absolute pleasure of working this amazing, fantastic, wonderful group of students over the last few months as they prepared for the 2022 West London MUN.

They made us so proud and demonstrated an admirable level of commitment, resilience and confidence as they (Y10) participated in their first MUN conference. Tahfiha and Rochelle came away with awards for best position paper – which is a massive achievement.

Zakia and Anu (Y13) were phenomenal as they supported their younger peers, guiding and coaching them during the run up to the conference, and then supporting them in the most nurturing way at the event.

I was of course overwhelmed as usual and just so proud!

They  are real credit to us and did our school proud.

Ms Rahman