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Women's Education

Women's Education

Saturday 2nd February - West London Model United Nations Conference

Every year around the world, more than 400,000 school and university students take part in the Model United Nations Conferences. These events are a role-play of UN meetings and are usually based on the Security Council or General Assembly Committees. Participants assume the role of National Ambassadors or representatives; they engage in a debate and seek to solve global issues.

To take part in the Model United Nations Conference, students are required to carry out substantial research, undertake public speaking, engage in debating and demonstrate writing skills, critical thinking, teamwork and leadership abilities.

Students attended The American School, St Johns Wood, London on a cold Saturday morning in order to discuss this year’s theme of Global Health, with an emphasis on migrant safety, migrant health and the sexual health of young people. 

We are extremely proud of all students who attended, particularly as resolutions from our students were passed. We also came away with one of our students winning the ‘Best Speaker’ award!


Children’s Mental Health Week - Monday 4th-10th February - an important week to talk, share and discuss

This year’s theme was ‘Healthy: Inside and Out’. A number of activities and awareness-raising sessions took place at Bow School including ‘Protecting your Wellbeing & Protecting Yourself’, delivered by medical and dentistry students from Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University.

Wednesday 6th February - Protecting Your Wellbeing, Protecting Yourself

40 girls from Y7, Y8, Y9 and Y10 took part in discussions around mental health, the causes of low mental health and the pressures/challenges of being young women. They also identified coping strategies and how to get help.  Students then had the opportunity to take part in a two-hour girls-only self-defence session. 

The afternoon complimented the theme of the week, with all students taking time out to reflect, share experiences and learn simple and effective ways of protecting themselves inside and out.

Confidence Building and Make-Up Skills Course

Growing numbers of young women feel unhappy with the way they look and less positive about life. Research commissioned by Dove, based on face-to-face interviews with 500 girls aged 11-17 from across Britain, noted that:

  • almost half of the girls described themselves as 'average' and 'ordinary' with a further 10% stating they feel 'plain', 'unattractive' and 'ugly'.
  • 5% of the girls said they hate the way they look and a further 20% said that 'there is a lot I would change'.

The survey found that negative comments about their appearance from other girls was one of the biggest factors in making girls feel less confident.

Year 9 girls took part in a five week after-school Confidence Building and Make Up Skills course. The course focused on:

  • Self-love and care
  • Exploring the challenges girls face when it comes to appearance and feeling ‘not good enough’
  • How continually working on confidence and self-worth breaks the cycle of low mental health associated with appearance
  • The importance of a good skincare regime which then allows for less make up to be worn
  • Preparing the face for make up and make up application
  • When, where and how make up should be worn
  • The value in not wearing make up if it is not needed

A positive experience for all girls who participated ….. learning the tips and tricks of make up as well as developing confidence.

 Ms Rahman

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