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Women’s Education - October 2018

Women’s Education - October 2018

International Day of the Girl Wednesday 11th October

The International Day of the Girl Child promotes girls’ rights and highlights gender inequalities that remain between girls and boys. It is a UN observance that is annually held on 11th October. This is a day where all students reflect and increase their awareness of gender inequality faced by girls worldwide. This inequality includes areas such as access to education, nutrition, legal rights, medical care and protection from disease.


The whole school marked International Day of the Girl by acknowledging the challenges that girls face and also by identifying solutions. Using the ideas and solutions the students from the Talented Art register suggested, collages were created which will be displayed in the school for everyone to see.

Y9 girls then attended the Southbank Centre’s Annual International Day of the Girl event with this year’s theme being ‘Finding your Voice’. Starting with speed mentoring on the London Eye, students became mentees and had the opportunity to meet inspirational women who shared their experiences/journey of being successful women in their field of work.  They not only shared their advice but also encouraged the girls to share their aspirations and explore ways of achieving their goals.

The girls then went off to find their voices at the ‘Strong Voices’ singing workshop with Rebecca Baxter and after lunch, having found their voices, they attended a Debate Workshop with Debate Mate.

The day finished off with a fantastic performance from the Grime Violinist and DJ Kaylee.


Monster Confidence Stemettes Tuesday 16th October

Y10 student’s attended the annual Monster Confidence Stemettes event: a day of inspirational keynote workshops & networking, panel discussions, prizes and a Monster!

Students had the opportunity to gain valuable skills and knowledge as they embarked on a day of fast paced activities and workshops, including speed mentoring, networking and attending an industry house exhibition where a number of women working in STEM industries showcased their work.

Students also attended a series of workshops that provided practical advice on presenting with confidence, interview skills and building a good C.V.


Partnership of Equals Conference Thursday 12th October

Y9 and 10 students attended the Partnership of Equals Conference at the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre - a day where young people came together from across the country to imagine what a gender equal society might look like.  

Students showed great commitment, attending a four week training programme in preparation for the event. Students were asked to familiarise themselves with resources provided by the organisers on gender inequality in Shakespeare and Dance.

Students took part in a LIVE panel discussion exploring gender inequality in dance and watched actors perform a live audition of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. They used their networking skills and worked with students from schools from across the country sharing their knowledge, ideas and solutions.

 Your Future, Your Ambition - Wednesday 17th October

On 17th October, students from Bow School descended upon the Emirates Stadium where they met a range of diverse blue chip organisations who showcased exciting STEM workshops, provided career insights and advice, gave live demonstrations bringing STEM to life and participated in discussions around what a career working in STEM is all about.

Students took part in speed mentoring and had the opportunity to ask questions to top STEM organisations and learn about the skills required to progress to the next level. It was a day full of opportunity where students were able to gain valuable experience networking and exploring potential career opportunities.

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