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Y10 Law Trip To Queen Mary University

Y10 Law Trip To Queen Mary University


On Wednesday 14th June, a group of Year 10 students visited the Law Department at Queen Mary University - the best place in the country to study law after Oxford and Cambridge. The students heard from Dr Daniela Nadj, Law Lecturer at the University, who gave a lecture as an introduction into the types of law students could practice and explained the difference between a Barrister and a Solicitor.  The students then took part in a mock trial, getting the chance to come up with questions to use in cross examination of the students pretending to be witnesses and defendants.  Both Kerry-Ann and Mahira came up with some excellent questions and Mahira demonstrated her ability to think on her feet when questioning the other students.

After lunch the students went on a tour of the campus with a current Queen Mary student, who answered questions and showed us the different areas of the University.

Ms Eldrid and Ms Rahman were very impressed with all of the students for their enthusiasm, their willingness to take part and the sensible questions they asked Queen Mary University students and staff.

Ms Eldrid


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