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YR 9 & 10 French Institute Trip

YR 9 & 10 French Institute Trip

On Thursday 18th May, a group of students from Year 9 and Year 10 went on a trip to “l’Institut Français" in South Kensington. Founded in 1910, the Institut Français du Royaume-Uni comprises a Language Centre, a Cinema (Ciné Lumière) a Multimedia Library (La Médiathèque), Children’s Library (Bibliothèque Quentin Blake) and a French Bistro (Le Bis-trot) and welcomes 200,000 people each year.

It was a fun and informative day out as well as a great chance for the students to learn more about French culture. In the morning, we explored the Multimedia Library (La Médiathèque) and the students were given a presentation and a quiz about sport in France. In the afternoon, after enjoying a croissant with lunch, we watched a French film in the Institute’s cinema.

The pupils represented themselves and Bow School incredibly well, both during the journey and at the Institute.

Riddika Mahmood 9O: I had lots of fun on the French trip. I learned about lots of things in France. I had the most fun when we were watching the movie. It was in French but with subtitles so it was easy to understand and I could focus on the pronunciation of the French words. It was really fun, I loved it!

Noora Mohammed 9O: I went on the French trip; my friends and I had a lot of fun. We visited the French Institute. It was cool and gorgeous. We learnt about different sports in France (football, cycling, rugby and handball) and then we played a game, it was fun. We had our lunch there and then we watched a movie. This movie was a bit sad but it was nice. I hope we will visit again!

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