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Year 10 Prince's Trust - Eco-Warrior Project

Year 10 Prince’s Trust - Eco-Warrior Project


For the past five weeks the Year 10 Prince’s Trust cohort have been taking part in a multi-sensory educational theatre project. The project involved our class, our keystage 3 Phoenix students and students from Stebon, Bygrove and Mayflower primary schools.

The Prince’s Trust group played a very important role throughout the project because they were selected to be ‘Festival Hosts’. This meant that they were responsible for electing a leadership team, designing logos for t-shirts, producing advertising material, completing work experience with lighting and sound engineers and delivering invitations to staff.

On the 1st July the group wore their ‘Festival Host’ t-shirts and took an active role in the organisation of the day.  Each student had the opportunity to go on stage to introduce a segment of the show as well as take part in the Prince’s Trust segment of the show.  The boys used all of the drama skills they learnt during the project which culminated in a creative performance while wearing special masks.  Each of the boys took part and the audience thoroughly enjoyed watching them on stage.

The Eco-Warrior project was an exciting experience for all of the staff and students involved and one which we will remember for many years to come.

Thank you to all of the Prince’s Trust students for working so hard as a team and for making the festival a success.

 Miss Kelly