Bow School

Year 11 Prom 2022

Year 11 Prom 2022

On Wednesday 29 June 2022 Year 11 held there long awaited celebratory Prom. After weeks and months of revision, exam prep and GCSE assessments students at Bow School were able to celebrate, have some fun and enjoy one last dance before moving on to new adventures; whether at Bow Sixth form or elsewhere.

 Brilliant food, speeches, wonderful outfits and some outstanding dance moves, were all part of an evening that allowed students and staff to talk, reminisce and ponder what may yet come in their futures.

 It was a lovely evening, one we shall not forget, and one which marks the beginning of this cohort’s ultimate success and achievement as they become young adults ready for the world and ready for their future careers.

 All the best, and Good Luck! Mr Deckers, Ms Begum and all the staff at Bow School”