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Year 12 Aim To Attain Workshop

Year 12 Aim To Attain Workshop


On Wednesday 25th January, Year 12 visited Barclays HQ at Canary Wharf as part of their Aim to Attain programme.

The session was on Advanced Study Skills and focused on research skills used at university. Students worked both independently and in groups and practiced skimming texts, analysing texts for author and purpose, and creating a thesis based on relevant and reliable evidence.  They then had the opportunity to present their work to their peers at the end of the session.

As part of the Aim to Attain programme, volunteers from Barclays attend the workshops as well, to offer their insight and talk to the students about their aspirations. At the workshop, a group of volunteers joined the students to guide them through the different activities, providing support and offering advice.

Students thoroughly enjoyed the visit … comments afterwards included:

o   “I found the feedback from the volunteer most useful” and

o   “I found the speed reading part most useful because it was a challenge.”

Ms Eldrid