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Yaer 7 & 8 Reward Trip To Science Museum

Year 7 & 8 Reward Trip To Science Museum


To celebrate success, on 8th December 2017, a Reward trip was organised for some Year 7 and 8 pupils to The Science Museum. During the trip a “Scavengers Hunt” activity was provided to engage pupils and help them to discover more about the museum. All pupils participated enthusiastically and worked towards the Bow Way achievement points.

Pupils had a good experience of visiting The Winton Gallery that reveals how mathematics connects to every aspect of our lives. They enjoyed learning about the work of mathematicians in the broadest sense, from sales people to sailors, aircraft engineers to bankers.

They looked at the history of technology from the first BBC radio broadcast in 1922 to the dawn of digital TV. Pupils had an opportunity to discover how wireless technology saved many lives on the Titanic and spread news of the disaster to the world within hours.

Most of the pupils found ‘Exploring Space’ interesting where they got a unique insight into the history of rockets.

Key stage 3 pupils have been learning about energy and electricity in this module in Physics - the trip gave a vision to the concepts and deeper understanding about how science works.

Ms Manda

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