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Year 8 Students Work For Climate Change

Year 8 Students Work For Climate Change

In July 2019, Year 8 pupils worked for the Active Energy Project with some older members of the community and constructed windmill models. They also investigated renewable energy resources.

At the commencement of a week of action on climate emergency by school children and workers across the globe, students visited the Olympic Park for the celebration of the Active Energy Project on Friday 20th September 2019.  With the growing concerns that climate change brings, pupils learnt about alternative sources of energy and gave a presentation about their findings to explain the effect of the windmill shapes on the amount of electricity produced. Pupils were able to describe why there is a need to consider other sources, how the alternatives work and also how energy production can be maximised.

James Hardy, Senior Manager for Energy and Climate Change, Greater London Authority, enlightened the pupils with regards to problems such as global temperature changes and the causes.  Pupils then participated inquisitively in the Question and Answer session enabling them to understand more about the solutions to these problems.  James Hardy was impressed with their questions about government policies to minimise global warming and responded by explaining The Mayor of London’s plans to counter climate change.


Bow students thoroughly enjoyed meeting the Environmental Strategies Team and showcasing their turbine models.

Ms Manda 

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