Bow School

Young Mayor of Tower Hamlets

Young Mayor of Tower Hamlets

We are thrilled to announce that two Bow students are running for Young Mayor of Tower Hamlets. 

Noor (Senior Prefect) and Rochelle have both announced their manifestos. Read Rochelle's below!

Tower Hamlets is a borough full of opportunity and vibrance. But Tower Hamlets is also a borough with a legacy for its lack.

As a potential Young Mayor and current resident of Tower Hamlets, I have a set of clear and coherent ideas to better the lives of young people within the borough regarding entering the working world, awareness around opportunities and supporting the most vulnerable within our community.

Statistically speaking, we have the youngest population in the entire country-  with an average age of 31.6. As we are the future leaders and decision-makers, who currently hold a majority, young people deserve to be set up for success and assisted in all possible ways. Currently, young people throughout the borough are struggling to make their way into the working world and build up their post-16 CVs. As young mayor, I would make it a priority to partner with local businesses and larger corporations (in places such as Canary Wharf) to offer work experience as well as trip opportunities for young people. In addition, I would ensure that news of these opportunities is equally distributed to every young person throughout the borough. This would therefore help to improve our borough's future employment rates as well as individual prospects and aspirations.

Following the idea of ensuring that information about new opportunities is equally distributed- as young mayor, I would make it a point to strengthen ties between local youth services and schools. This is because schools are essentially a hub of information and connections for young people, and although some young people are aware of youth services within the borough I do not believe that they are aware of the full extent of events and opportunities that await them. Schools and youth clubs/ services having better communication and connections would help to strengthen support systems for young people as well as engaging them in activities and enrichment outside of the school environment.

Finally, youth poverty is an extremely prevalent issue within our borough, and I believe that we have a collective responsibility to build a support system, raise awareness and assist those struggling through it. As young mayor, I would introduce borough-wide initiatives that would once again focus on working co-inside schools. This work with and within schools would include, support for those struggling through youth poverty- in a person that they can seek out and speak to, hosting regular events to take in food donations/ raise money and getting young people to volunteer and assist at local food banks. These actions would consequently help to raise awareness about youth poverty, whilst simultaneously reducing rates.

For change. For development. For new opportunities. For a reinvestment in your future. Vote Rochelle for young mayor.