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Yr9 Into University Trip

Yr9 Into University Trip

11 boys were picked to attend a leadership skills course across 3 days. On the first day, they were focussing on self-reflection (looking at their strengths and their 'gremlins') and were also looking at their achievements in and out of school in a mini-CV activity. The final activity involved them working in teams to build a bridge out of straws that could hold a dictionary. They worked hard but unfortunately none of the teams were successful!

On the 2nd day, the boys spent more time reflecting on their successes and their achievements. They worked really hard to set themselves personal targets to ensure that they fulfil their potential in the near future. They also had a think about what they wanted people to say about them and their lives on their 100th birthday (party poppers included)!

On last day the boys spent most of the day in two teams running a charity! They had to market an idea and hold events to persuade their Board and outside investors to spend their money. The aim was to have £1000 by the end of the two hours- which both teams achieved! They also spent some time today thinking about their communication skills, as well as how to expand their ‘comfort zones’.

I was immensely proud of them all and they were a credit to the school- they all earned 4 positives each!