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Yr 9 Science Trip To Natural History Museum

Yr 9 Science Trip To Natural History Museum

On Wednesday 27th June a group of high achieving Year 9’s went on a Science trip to the Natural History Museum (NHM). They completed a scavenger hunt around the main hall, where they came back with lots of different facts, including ones about prehistoric animals, Charles Darwin and rare gemstones, which led to many questions - including how much the NHM would sell some of the gems for!

We then spent time in the dinosaur and mammals sections, looking at how different the world was back then – dinosaurs were massive! A really interesting sight to see was the pupils starting to get an understanding of just how old the Earth is, and just how long life had been evolving on our planet.

The pupils behaved so well, and showed real respect and enthusiasm around the Museum, especially to the staff at the interactive workstations.

Many thanks to Mrs Fernandes for her help on the trip, and to all the pupils involved for acting so mature.

Mr Davies

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