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Yr9 Art and Maths Project

Yr9 Art and Maths Project

Ishraq Ahmed and Ahqlak Miah in year 9 have just finished an Art and Maths collaborative project which involved displaying Maths keywords in the upstairs corridor of the Heritage building.

They started the project by coming up with an interesting way of displaying the words. Their idea was to have the words in the shape of a person. They then drew it out in large scale by drawing around Ahqlaks body to get the right shape and filling it in with words!

Once they had the shape perfected they designed the final piece on a computer using design software, this was quite a long process and took several days but was worth the effort as the words were much easier to read. Then came the cutting of the words on vinyl- which is a sticky plastic; this was done on a plotter cutter in DT and each letter was individually cut out. After that they stuck it on the wall with a little help from some year 11 students who happened to be nearby.