Bow School

Nick Robinson the chief political editor for the BBC visits Bow School

Nick Robinson the chief political editor for the BBC visits Bow School

On Friday 1st June Nick Robinson (the chief political editor for the BBC) visited Bow School as part of the Speakers For Schools programme set up by the Education and Employers Taskforce. The scheme gives school students from all walks of life a chance to meet and hear inspirational speakers from various different fields of employment and education and is aimed at broadening the horizons of the young people involved as well as raising their aspirations and expectations.

The school was fortunate to be selected to host a visit from Nick Robinson who came to speak to approximately 100 students about his experiences as a political correspondent and how they could also get involved in journalism is a career. Nick gave a fantastic speech which covered stories about his day to day professional practise as well as his own observations about the political leaders that he had met and questioned in his time as a journalist. He also responded to a series of carefully planned questions which were put to him by students from Year 10 who have been looking at important political issues and who were keen to get his response to subjects such as knife crime, the death penalty and litter in public places.

Following his presentation Nick was able to spend a period of time with a select group of students who questioned him further about his knowledge and skills and were able to get an even deeper understanding of the life of one of Britain’s foremost political commentators.

 The event was a huge success. Nick comment on how receptive the students had been to his presentation and how much thought they had put into their questions and responses. Jim Morris (assistant head teacher at the school) said “This has been a tremendous opportunity for our students to see and hear a leading figure in the political and media world and to ask him about the issues that they are concerned about. It will no doubt influence the future plans that many of them will now have and drive them forward to realise their own potential in whatever area of employment or study that they are interested in”.

Nick Robinson