Bow School



We are delighted to share that once again, ofsted confirmed that bow is a good school

In September 2023, Ofsted undertook a comprehensive evaluation and were impressed with the school’s leadership, students’ progress and achievements, the quality of teaching, our blossoming Sixth Form and the provision for both disadvantaged students and those with special educational needs.

It is testament to our ethos that inspectors recognised that “pupils enjoy coming to this ambitious, forward-looking school, where they become ‘world-ready’ and ‘career ready’”.

At Bow, it is our mission to ensure that students are happy at school, and that we help them to develop the knowledge, skills, character and confidence they need to lead health and successful lives.

The inspection report highlighted specific areas of strength:


quality of education

  • The curriculum, offered at the school, is ‘broad and ambitious’
  • The curriculum which “matches, and sometimes exceeds” the requirements of the national curriculum ‘reflects the community, its diversity’ and aims at ‘expanding pupils’ horizons’
  • Inspectors commented, ‘The curriculum in all subjects ensures pupils revise and build on their prior knowledge at a higher level over the years’.
  • Inspectors also noted that ‘in lessons and beyond, there is a wealth of opportunity for pupils to develop their cultural capital’ as well as commenting that‘
  • Teachers explain clearly and use a plethora of engaging activities to check what pupils know and understand. They use assessment well to plan teaching and to address gaps and misconceptions
  • ’Pupils’ attitudes to learning are strong, and they take pride in their work and their appearance.

personal development

  • The ‘curriculum equips pupils for becoming responsible active citizens'
  • ’Pupils ‘learn the school’s values of respect, determination, adaptability, curiosity and responsibility. These are woven through the pastoral curriculum and are evident in classroom interactions’
  • ‘The comprehensive personal development programme covers all aspects of citizenship. Pupils are taught how to keep safe online, as well as in the local area’
  • ‘The careers programme is carefully woven through tutor periods, assemblies and subject lessons in each year group encouraging pupils to regularly consider their futures’
  • ‘There is a real wealth of enrichment activities available’

sixth form

  • The quality of education in the sixth form is good.
  • ‘Pupils and sixth form students appreciate the scope to develop as leaders and to contribute to the wider life of the school and community’
  • ‘The sixth form offers courses that meet the range of students needs and interests’
  • ‘The curriculum is inclusive and empowering. It prepares students well to follow their aspirations for the future’
  • ‘Students in the growing sixth form succeed in their studies’  
  • ‘Many go on to top universities and successful careers’


  • ‘Pupils and sixth form students are safe’

behaviours and attitudes

  • Inspectors noted leaders ‘high aspirations’ recognising that these are ‘embraced by pupils’
  • 'Inspectors commented that pupils ‘behave respectfully and are keen to learn’
  • ‘Work in pupil’s books is generally of a high standard’
  • ‘Pupils take pride in their work and have developed sound habits’
  • ‘Pupils positive attitudes to learning are reflected in attendance and punctuality rates’
  • ‘Behaviour throughout the school is calm and considerate and low level disruption is rare’
  • ‘Pupils and staff have seen a marked improvement in standards of behaviour over the past few years’

Support for learners

  • ‘pupils with SEND are supported to access and progress within the wider curriculum offer’
  • 'The majority of pupils, including disadvantaged pupils and pupils with SEND, take part in the extra-curricular offer’
  • 'pupils and students support school leaders through supervisory roles such as lunch duties’
  • 'Some pupils and sixth form students have become mental health ambassadors. They are trained to be supportive mentors to fellow pupils who are struggling with their mental health'
  • ‘pupils benefit from impartial individualised career advice and guidance'
  • ’‘The school prioritises the teaching of reading . Strategies are in place to ensure that all pupils who are behind in their reading including those who are just beginning to read, become confident, fluent readers’


This is an exciting time for the school and we will continue to build on our successes to date, developing our exceptional business links and partnerships as we continue on our drive to become an ‘Outstanding’ school.

To read the full ofsted report of the  12th and 13th september 2023 inspection CLICK HERE