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Online Safety

Online Safety

Get Safe Online in your Home

 Click on this link for advice on how to protect your child to stay safe online and how to set up safety control panels on all online technology.

 Reporting a Youth Produced Nude Image Online

It can be scary to find out a nude image of your child has been shared online, but we can help you to report it and get it removed. If the young person is under 18 and a nude image or video has been shared online, you can report it and get it removed from the internet.

Follow the instructions below to use our Report Remove Tool:

  1. ​​​Create a Childline account or have an existing account
  2. Confirm your age to show that you’re under 18
  3. Upload your image or a URL of where it's been shared online

For support, get help with your report or speak to Childline

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