Bow School

Our Values

Our Values

Our vision and values permeate our school, underpinning all that we do and influencing our attitudes, behaviours, and the work of our team as we as informing essential elements of parts of the student experience, including our academic and personal development curricula and our approach to pastoral care.

Chosen by our whole school community, our core values define the expectations of everyone at Bow School. As a community, we have worked hard and developed these values to discuss how they can be achieved in our daily lives, and what they mean for us. 

In September 2023, we launched our brand new value, Responsibility, chosen by the Bow School community.


For ourselves, for others and the world around us. Living healthy and fulfilling lives. Showing acceptance, tolerance and care for others. Embracing difference.

Within the Bow School community, students embrace diversity, they have empathy for and a belief in others. They are proud of their school, value the contribution they and others make and understand the importance of supporting other beliefs, viewpoints and feelings. Our students engage positively in their learning, seeing this as an act of respect for themselves and others, appreciating all that teachers do to secure the very best outcomes for them. The importance we place on respect has created an environment defined by care, has created positive relationships between students and staff and fostered a strong sense of self and service to others, which our students carry with them in the wider community, and into the future. 


Shaping minds to take control, demonstrate resilience and seizing every opportunity.

A springboard towards success. A sense of determination is encouraged in every Bow student. They work hard, maximise every opportunity, embrace challenge with a positive attitude, and understand that setbacks and mistakes aren’t failures, but further opportunities to grow, learn and develop. Aspirations are nurtured and cultivated, and every student is supported as they discover what they must do to achieve them. Fostering determination is a lifelong skill, integral to success in the global world.


Flexibility of mind and attitude. By equipping students with a wealth of transferable skills, exposing them to new experiences, instilling confidence, and encouraging them to see themselves as change-makers they are enabled to succeed, meet challenges with confidence and make strong progress in achieving success in their endeavours. 

Having the skill of adaptability will propel our students as they develop a growth mindset. Being prepared, and organised, with the ability to work independently, or with others in varying contexts, with the attitude to and confidence in different approaches comes as a result of our emphasises on being adaptable. We instil in all members of our community the ability to work well independently as well as with others, find creative solutions to problems and communicate effectively.


Asking questions, seeking answers. Fostering inquisitive and pioneering minds, empowered to learn and succeed

 Our students are hungry for knowledge and experiences. They are on a quest to learn more, enjoy investigation and exploration and enjoy gaining new knowledge and skills. They understand and embrace new possibilities, valuing their contributions towards a successful future and move forward throughout their 7-year career with us.


Acting with and taking accountability and demonstrating integrity are essential in creating a future that is positive and fulfilling

Taking ownership. All members of the Bow community are encouraged to understand the value of taking ownership, showing responsibility and embracing their own agency in any situation.  Both in and beyond the classroom, students are aware of what it means to be a responsible citizens who take ownership of their own learning, and progress. Opportunities for leadership across the school expose students to what this means outside of the classroom, allowing them to gain life-long skills and valuable lessons, progressing on to their next steps with confidence.