Bow School




Accessibility Plan      Admissions: The policy and arrangements for admission to the school are set out in the Local Authority website.

Anti-Bullying Policy

Assessment and Feedback Policy 

Attendance and Punctuality Policy

Attendance and Punctuality Addendum

Behaviour for Learning Policy

Bow School British Values Statement

Charging, Remissions & Recoupment Policy

  Complaints Procedure

 Managing Serial and Unreasonable Complaints

Data Protection Policy

Drugs Education Policy

Early Career Teacher (ECT) Induction Policy

Bow School Equalities Policy

Equalities Objectives 2022-2025

Financial Benchmarking 

Freedom of Information Policy

Freedom of Information Act

Health and Safety Policy

Homework and Independent Learning Policy

ICT Acceptable Use Policy

Intimate Care Policy

Intimate Care Policy - COVID-19 Addendum

 Keeping Children Safe in Education September 2023

Online Safety Policy

Policy on Hiring of the School's Facilities

Procedure for Managing Allegations of Abuse Against Staff

Provider Access Policy Statement

Revised Prevent Duty for Schools

Safeguarding & Child Protection

Guidance for parents/carers on safeguarding children in out-of-school settings

Scheme of Financial Delegation

Relationship and Sex Education PolicySixth Form Bursary Policy

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities PolicySpecial Educational Needs & Disabilities Information Report 2024

Supporting Students at School with Medical Needs

Supporting Students at School with Medical Needs - COVID-19 Addendum


Use of Physical Intervention & Reasonable Force Policy

Whistleblowing Policy