Bow School



The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go. - Dr Seuss


Our vision is where we want every Bow student to be when they leave our school and Sixth Form, both in their mindset, and in their experience.

We want every student to be World and Career Ready and we know that reading is essential to this. 

Therefore, it is our mission to: 

  1. Develop the reading proficiency of all students
  2. Enjoy reading as school community
  3. Work together to create a strong and cohesive approach to reading across our school

Within our school community there are many opportunities for students to develop their reading proficiency.

In lessons, students are exposed to a wide variety of texts that is a central part of their reading journey.

During Form Time, teachers read aloud to students, explicitly teach key vocabulary and explore a range of ideas in the texts through discussion.

Some students may struggle to decode texts or read with fluency when they start with us and so, trained members of staff deliver interventions such as Fresh Start or Lexonik.

Our Sixth Formers also share their love of reading with students in Key Stage 3, through our Literacy Leaders programme.

As a school community, reading for pleasure is of importance to us and our Librarians manage a fully stocked library, continually recommend books to our learners and are leading our student and staff book clubs.

At Bow School, reading is a core part of our cultural identity. As you explore this area of our website, you are invited to join us on the beautiful journey of enjoying reading as a community.