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Students Inspired By London Disability Grand Prix


Students Inspired By London Disability Grand Prix

On Wednesday 9th May 40 pupils were given the opportunity to visit the 2012 Olympic stadium and watch a day of Paralympic competition.  The London Disability Grand Prix was being held in the Olympic stadium as the last test event before the Olympics come to London this year.  This trip was made available to the 40 pupils that had made the most academic progress in Year 7 and 8, though the Spring term.

The day was a very special and exciting opportunity to see the stadium before the Olympics and also witness some of the greatest Paralympic athletes compete against each other before the main event this September.  It is also likely to be the only opportunity these pupils have to go to the stadium as tickets for the upcoming events this year are at a premium.

During the day the events are categorised in relation to the type of disability that the athletes have. Specific highlights selected by the pupils included; David Weir’s performance in the T51-54 Wheelchair racers 1500 metres, the F 11-13 Visual impairment Long Jump competition and the performance on the T11-13, visual impairment 100 and 200 metre winner Terezinha Guilhermina.

Overall, this was an exciting and inspiring event that will hopefully encourage the pupils that witness the events to understand there are no limits to personal achievement.

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