Bow School

The Investigator Comes To Bow School


The Investigator Comes To Bow School

YEAR 7 pupils were inspired to aim for the stars this half-term when they were visited by top motivational speaker Andrew Muhammad.

On Friday May 11th Year 7 were treated to a stimulating day in the main hall as part of the school’s anti-bullying drive.

The talk encouraged the boys to respect each other, think as individuals, and believe in themselves.

Andrew Muhammad, otherwise known as “The Investigator,” provides lively presentations across the UK that teach people of all ages to unlock their true potential.

Mr Muhammad encouraged the students to work hard at school in order to be successful in life, and pupils learned the importance of teamwork, motivation, and being an individual.

The interactive presentation was great fun for the whole of the year group, and had the boys on their feet, singing and clapping.

Sadik Ahmed and Shakir Kabir found the day particularly rewarding, as they were each given £10 for perfectly memorizing Mr Muhammad’s “13 Steps to Success.”