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Making the jump from primary to secondary school can be intimidating, but we know that the quicker students adjust to their new surroundings, the sooner they will be able to achieve their potential.

 To welcome our new Year 7's to Bow and ensure their transition from primary to secondary school is successful; we have developed a unique transition programme which begins the moment your child is offered a place at Bow.

Our transition programme starts in March and doesn’t finish until every student has found their feet. Through a series of information evenings, team building activities and induction days which make sure both students and families have plenty of opportunities to familiarise themselves with the new environment, meet with new peers and get to know our team of friendly staff.

Our focus is on ensuring every child has the support, education and opportunities they need to fulfil their dreams. We believe the best way of making this a reality is by working in partnership with parents every step of the way.

We look forward to launching our 2022 transition programme in the Spring term. 

 For further information you can contact:

Jim Morris: Assistant Head : Transition Lead. E-mail;

Hodo Mohamud: Transition Co-ordinator;

Welcome from our Year 7s

Hello all new Year 7s!

We remember when we were worried about starting our new school, so we wanted to write to you about our first year to show you that there’s nothing to be nervous about.

“I was lucky because a lot of my friends were joining Bow too, but there were still a lot of students that I didn’t know. Induction day, before all the older students started, allowed us to find our way around and take part in lots of fun activities that meant I made new friends quickly. I also got to play basketball for the first time and now I’m in the school team! I wrote about my first day at Bow as part of an English project and my teacher told me how good it was. I was really pleased with this because one day I would like to become an author.” Cherno, Manorfield Primary School

“I love that I am able to do things that I haven’t tried before, like trampolining - I’ve already learnt how to do a backflip!” Raquel, Marner Primary School

There are lots of interesting subjects that we didn’t get to do in primary school. The science labs mean that we can do some amazing experiments and we have lots more equipment for sport and art classes. Even after induction has finished there’s so much to do at Bow – our BowExtra programme means there’s a club for everyone, whatever it is you enjoy doing. This makes it really easy to meet people who like the same things as you.