Bow School



On Saturday 23rd June Bow School hosted a very special one off outdoor event on the school site entitled                        “WELCOME TO OUR WORLD”

The event was organised to link in with the cultural build up to the Olympic Games and it provided an ideal opportunity for everyone involved with the school to celebrate the positive aspects of the school’s diverse community.

Bow School’s student population is made up of over 25 different cultural groups which the school was able to recognise with a festival of food, drink, art, dance, music and national costume.

Visitors to the festival were able to sample food from the all of the different countries that are represented within the school. These food items were cooked and prepared by the students, parents and staff and were given out free of charge to the crowds of people who came along on the day.

Guests were also treated to a full range of live music and performance on the specially built outdoor stage. Items included traditional Bengali singing, Celtic violin and guitar playing, communal highland dancing, an up and coming rock band and the school’s all male fusion dance troupe. There was also an opportunity for festival goers to check out this year’s GCSE Art and CDT work to see how creative Bow School students can be.

 A large number of people turned up in the national costume which added another, unique dimension to the event. Overall the occasion was a huge success - people from all over the world mixed and mingled with each other to share their food and culture in an integrated and friendly way.