Bow School



Bow School is a thriving, inclusive secondary school and Sixth Form in the heart of East London. Within our setting, Ofsted have recognised the high-quality provision we offer and a rigorous focus on academic achievement is blended with an unparalleled enrichment programme, enabling students lead to live full lives, prepared for the demands of the 21st century and ready to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Our vision is to ensure every student is World and Career Ready. We nurture students who are critical thinkers, problem solvers and relationship builders, students who are self-aware, inquisitive, resourceful and passionate and establish a platform from which they can thrive, both personally and professionally.  Our vision is achieved through effective teaching, an embedded culture of excellence and a rich programme designed specifically to harness students' energy, skills and experience to open doors to life beyond Bow School.

The Bow School offer is further enhanced by our outstanding pastoral team, state of the art facilities and network of partnerships and organisations and the impact of all can be felt across the school and Sixth Form. 

Adaptability, Respect, Curiosity and Determination are our core values and define our expectations of everyone at the school. We set high targets and richly reward determination and success, encouraging the highest standards of behaviour at all times and by living and breathing our school values we are able to nurture the attributes and characteristics within everyone in our school community, providing them with the best springboard for success.

I hope that you will sense this ambition throughout everything the school does and I would urge you to come and see us for yourselves. I look forward to meeting you and sharing my passion for educating our children.

Danny Lye, Headteacher