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What Our Staff Say

What Our Staff Say

Our staff are our most valuable resource and we pride ourselves on investing in them, to ensure the best outcomes for students. Our working environment offers many benefits for staff, ranging from training opportunities and guest speakers to a supportive culture and incentives. Find out for yourself what our staff members value the most in their career at Bow School, and their experience so far.

Alesa Rahman, Teacher of Citizenship, History and PSHCE

Alesa first joined Bow in 2016 as the Women’s Education Officer and Careers Coordinator, an exciting role that allowed her to support the girls in the school to become confident young leaders, whilst working across the school to support important decisions. Almost seven years later, Alesa is now a teacher of Citizenship, PSHCE and History, with ambitions to bring in a new subject into the curriculum.

 Whilst in her role as Women’s Education Officer and Careers Coordinator, senior leaders at Bow identified her potential and supported Alesa as they encouraged her to embark upon a trainee teaching degree. Alesa speaks highly of senior leaders, commenting that there is a dedication to investing in staff and identifying opportunities for staff to grow both within their role and developing in to others, recognising and rewarding the ambitions of staff.

 Alesa praises the Bow School community for its uniqueness. Unique because of the genuine care staff have for students and one another, the interactions and relationships built with students, families and colleagues, and as a result, the warmth and belonging everyone feels as part of the school community. She recognises that the schools offer stability and care and are invested in making students the best versions of themselves through the World and Career Ready vision, supportive pastoral team, fantastic personal development programme and highest standard teaching.

 “My greatest ambition within my career is to become an Outstanding Teacher, which I firmly believe I will achieve with the support of my colleagues and leadership team, who are dedicated to supporting teachers to be the best they can be. I look forward to continuing supporting my students to achieve their very best, take great satisfaction knowing I have shared knowledge and been listened too and feel pride when students do well in their assessments and have achieved their personal goals”.

 E Himri, French Teacher

“As a teacher, my main goal is to participate in the development of society, by sharing knowledge and promoting students’ skills. I take great joy from bringing change to the lives of my students.

 I joined Bow School 16 years ago, and I still wake up every day excited to go to work. It is a fantastic place to work. Staff are supported endlessly with their professional development, given a wealth of opportunities to develop and grow and given the opportunity to have a voice within our school. As with our students, we are valued and respected, our voices are heard.

 I firmly believe that our students are an integral part of why there are so many long-serving members of staff. They are proud, dedicated to achieving their ambitions, aspirational and hardworking, and the culture of school is built upon enabling students to be World and Career Ready, and praising success. High-quality education, both in and beyond the classroom, is at the forefront of Bow School’s goal, and the students feel rewarded every day. The best part of my role is providing the students with the tools to discover new knowledge, develop their creativity, inspire curiosity and the ability to think. It is a privilege to see students embark on their lives post-sixth form and be proud of all they have achieved with us”.

 Damon Owen, Art & DT Teacher

For Damon, his greatest joy within his career is teaching at a school with so much energy, from both students and staff alike. He praises the school community who contribute to creating a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere, which makes teaching an enjoyable experience, every day. The uniqueness of his role, teaching both Art and Design and Design Technology, allows him to bring together his artistic expertise and technical skills, and offer a well-rounded education experience to students.

 Damon has extensive experience within his subject area, having been educated at the Royal College of Art and the Institute of Education. He chose to pursue a career in education because of his passion for both the Arts and education, motivating him to share his knowledge, skills and experiences to inspire the next generation to hone their own creativity, and develop their talents.

 “What inspired me to teach, specifically Bow school, is its unique focus on youth culture and creativity that has emerged from the local area. The community element of the school sets it apart, and I was excited about the opportunity to contribute to the school's mission of nurturing and empowering young artists and designers, in a school where students are valued and appreciated. During my time at this school, I hope to inspire and guide young people in their creative journeys and help them achieve their full potential as artists and designers. Alongside understanding and overcoming the barriers that there are to learning”.

 Charlotte Powell, Special Educational Needs Coordinator and PE Teacher

“Students enjoy their time at Bow School because there is a consensus that everyone working at the school is doing it with every child at the centre of what we do. Our school is passionate about securing the very best outcomes for every student and enabling them on to their chosen future pathway, whatever it may be. Our vision is for every student to be World and Career Ready, and this permeates our school.

 I have always loved working with other people, and I realised I could combine this with my passion for sports, I knew where my career laid. Nine years ago, when I joined Bow School, there were only one group of girls as we had just gone through the process of becoming a co-educational school and were in a brand-new building. I was the first Head of Year to have a mixed group, and this was an incredibly exciting opportunity, and since then my role has only continued to grow and become more aligned with my own progression desires. I soon decided I wanted to pursue a different role, working closely with students with SEN and their families to secure the very best outcomes. At Bow School, we are incredibly lucky to have senior leaders who maintain an open-door policy and are committed to investing in their own staff – the right course for my existing experience and that addressed gaps in knowledge was identified and a role was shaped for me, in which I feel I make a real difference to the lives of our students, and I gain a great deal of job satisfaction.

 My role has continued to develop and is incredibly unique as I am on the only SENCO in school. I love the opportunity to support students and families across the school, whilst working across all subject areas to support teachers in their role. It is a privilege to work with internal and external professionals to support those who need it, to ensure they receive the highest quality of care and education from our school. I hope to continue to develop the inclusive nature of our school so that all students, irrespective of their needs and barriers to learning, make progress and achieve their full potential.

 Every day is different, and I relish this”.

 Mae Hicks, Spanish Teacher

Whilst on a gap year and exploring the Spanish language, Mae decided that she would pursue her dream and qualify as a teacher, inspired to share her passion for the language and in making a positive difference to others lives.

 For Mae, it was important that her career was based at an inner London school, similar to her own background and one where she could give back to the community that served her so well, and over the last two years, she has achieved exactly that. [NAME] praises the school’s nurturing community, as she discusses students love for coming to school – students feel safe, understand that teachers have their best interests and wellbeing at heart and benefit from the facilities and extra-curricular activities, that they know are created to help them become the best versions of themselves.

 “One of the aspects I love most about my role is relaying to students my own education and career journey. I am British and grew up on London, however, am a MFL teacher in a secondary school – students are always surprised to hear that I first learnt Spanish in secondary school, just as I am, and am proof that they can achieve anything that they put their mind to, with hard work and dedication. I look forward to continuing to build positive relationships with my students and encouraging them to be ambitious and respectful young people. I hope to share my passion for learning languages and culture by planning more trips abroad – South America is on my wish list!”.

 Anna Moyes, Assistant Headteacher

“From an early age, I knew that I wanted to become a teacher. I love my subject English and was my own teachers at school and sixth form encouraged me to do the same as they had done – inspire the next generation!

 From the moment I stepped into Bow School seven years ago, I knew it was the perfect fit for me. The sense of community sets it apart, but I knew I wanted to work in a state school and provide students with access to an excellent education and enriching experiences beyond the classroom, something I am incredibly passionate about. I joined Bow as Head of Year, and over the last seven years, have benefitted from a range of CPD opportunities and internal promotions which has seen allowed me to develop from HOY to Middle Leader, to Assistant Headteacher now. I couldn’t be prouder to work at a school that values professional development, recognises talent and rewards staff for their passion and determination to providing the highest quality education.

 Working at Bow School is incredibly fulfilling and rewarding. I love that not only do I challenge my students, but they challenge me – I continue to learn on a daily basis. Our students are bright, tenacious and witty, they continually surpass my expectations and are driven to reach their aspirations. They know that their voices are heard, and are encouraged to be authentically, brilliantly them. It truly is a unique environment.

 Within my current role, I take great pride and joy from supporting students to access opportunities outside of the classroom and extending their cultural capital. Students have the opportunity to work with employers on a local, national and global scale, meet many interesting people, visit outstanding places and gain many perspectives on the world. I am ambitious to continue to learn more about the students I teach and find out what each of them need to enable them to be successful. I hope that, in years to come, students remember the experiences I enabled them to have whilst at school; and know that these were curated to enrich their future”.

 Jim Morris, Assistant Headteacher

One of our longest serving members of staff, Jim Morris joined Bow School 27 years ago. Inspired by the incredible sense of community, inclusiveness and core values, Jim knew there was no other school he wanted to work at, and praises the family atmosphere of staff, students and families, who welcomed him with open arms.

 Jim’s first love is music. He is passionate about music and education. And so, he decided to qualify as teacher, with the intent of making use of his musical experiences and ability to inspire and motivate a new generation of musicians, whilst helping them to realise their potential and unearth their ambitions. Now, as Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for Transition and Engagement, Jim has the opportunity to shape and support the creative, enrichment and highly regarded transition offer, whilst playing an active role in the day to day running of the school, and continued improvements that have been made throughout his time at the school.

 For Jim, students love for school is rooted in how it makes them feel. The school is safe and secure, it is exciting, and a place where they are encouraged to explore their own passions, whilst developing the knowledge and skills that will allow them to be both world and career ready when they leave. At Bow School, students are equipped with the experiences and prospects to enrich their lives, whilst being supported by staff who work tirelessly to do their best for every child, both academically and pastorally.

 “The highlight of working at Bow School is the community which I thrive on. We are diverse; our students and staff bring an incredibly varied range of backgrounds, lifestyles, experiences and skills which we all learn from, and our students are lively and energetic, keen to learn and always wanting to be challenged and exceed expectations. In the future, I look forward to seeing the school being formally recognised as an Outstanding learning environment, that plays a significant role in helping the young people in the community develop and achieve their ambitions, and that I can continue to use my own knowledge, skills and experience to support the achievement of this”.

Hodo Mohamud, Careers and Transitions Coordinator

“As Careers and Transition Coordinator, I empower students to take control of their future and make informed decisions about their next steps, whilst helping them to transition to the next stage of their education and careers. This role really appealed to me because I wanted to support young people in making the most of the opportunities available to them and create new opportunities and experiences that would open doors and help secure the very best outcomes.

Bow School seemed like the perfect fit for me, as I really value the school vision of ensuring every student is World and Career Ready. Bow does an incredible job of fostering a positive and inclusive environment, where every student is encouraged to achieve their full potential. Students have access to a range of diverse academic and extra-curricular activities, which equip students with the skills, knowledge, and experiences needed to succeed in rapidly changing world, with teachers who are dedicated to providing young people the best possible start to life.

I take great job satisfaction from guiding students in identifying their strengths, interests, and aspirations and working collaboratively with them to develop a plan that prepares them for the wider world. It is rewarding to assist students in identifying their strengths, interests, and passions, and then guiding them in developing a career plan that aligns with their goals.

 My role allows me to work with primary aged pupils all the way to Sixth Form. It is incredibly varied, and I really enjoy the opportunity to work collaboratively with different departments and external educators, all for the benefit of our students. In the future, I would like to explore other pastoral roles at Bow. I want to mentor our young people who are facing challenges and provide them with support and guidance to help them overcome their difficulties and achieve their full potential”.