Bow School

Why Join Us?

Why Join Us?

Our school’s vision is to secure excellent outcomes for every Bow student, now and for future generations.

We harness the skills of staff and partners, empowering each student to build the character, hone the skills and attain the qualifications needed for them to become world and career ready.

A rigorous focus on academic attainment is blended with an unparalleled enrichment programme so that students are able to live full lives, are prepared for the 21st century world and are ready to become the leaders of tomorrow. We nurture and challenge students, providing them with the tools they need to realise their dreams.

We are committed to achieving this through our key values. Never before have these been more important. I very much hope our website goes someway to feeding your curious mind about what we can offer.

 Headteacher, Mr Lye

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Incredible outcomes

We instil the importance of exams in our students so they aspire to greatness. Peter and Rio show what can be achieved. Both secured university places of their dreams and are now thriving at Cambridge University, in the process raising the bar across the school for everyone.

A Warm Welcome

To welcome our new Year 7’s to Bow and ensure their transition from primary to secondary school is successful, we have developed a unique transition programme which begins the moment your child is offered a place at Bow.


BowExtra! refers to our programme of out of hours learning, interventions and clubs. It supports the raising of achievement by motivating students to become more effective learners through activities that enrich, enable and extend the curriculum.

World and Career Ready

A Bow education goes far beyond this. Our ethos is that students are World and Career Ready. 

World Ready: We push students to contribute to society, understand social issues and develop life skills.

Career Ready: Nurturing critical thinkers and problem solvers who are ready to become the leaders of tomorrow.


"Making friends at a new school is so important and my teachers really helped by introducing me to students who shared my interests.

I’m learning so much more about technology than I did at primary school. At Bow there’s a real focus on these subjects because they will help us prepare for jobs of the future.

Outside of class I’m part of the Chairty Committee and we’re helping to raise money for a food bank in Tower Hamlets. The school has shown us that we can really help the local community. It makes me proud to know that we’re helping those around us.”

Myanh, Year 8, Manorfield Primary