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Youth Produced Images

Youth Produced Images

Think you know’ have launched a series of short film clips to support parents and carers to offer advice on how to keep children safe from the risks associated with sharing nude and semi-nude images.

 The films will help parents and carers to:

  • Understand young people’s motivations for sending nude selfies.
  • Respond appropriately to an incident where their child has shared a nude selfie or semi-nude image.
  • Gain confidence and skills in initiating preventative conversations with their child.
  • Identify risky behaviours or situations and know how and where to seek help.
  • Know what to do if a child has shared an image.

Film One: Understanding why

Film Two: Talking to your child

Film Three: When should I be worried?

Film Four: How to get help?


 The films are based on a two-year qualitative investigation overseen by the University of Edinburgh, University of Linköping (Sweden), Innocence in Danger (Germany) and the CEOP (Command of the National Crime Agency).