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Yr8 Students visit the Olympic Aquatics Centre

Yr8 Students visit the Olympic Aquatics Centre

On Tuesday 21st February, 18 Year 8 boys were given the opportunity to attend a test event at the Olympic Aquatics Centre to watch the Women’s 10 metre World Championship semi final.  This was a very special trip as they are only the second group of boys from Bow School go to the Olympic Park to watch a competitive sporting event and the Aquatics Centre is one of the most talked about stadiums.

The boys were selected for their academic progression throughout the autumn term (their first full term in Year 8) and it is important to credit the boys with a significant opportunity.  All the boys that attended the trip made progress in 70% of their subjects in the autumn term, hopefully this trip will help add some positive momentum for others to succeed in all of their lessons.

The day itself was excellent. Once the boys had walked through Stratford Westfield, through the security perimeter and into the Aquatics Centre they took their seats to watch the best of the best of women’s diving.  I have to say that they were not disappointed. All the boys seemed to take something different from the experience.  Many boys were challenging Mr Kwan to guess the judge's score, while other boys were working out the scoring systems to decide if it was better to perform an easy dive really well or a more difficult dive but maybe not complete it quite as well. Some boys were just watching in amazement as the athletes dived from 10 metres high and hardly made a splash when entering the water! 

All in all it was a great experience and I am confident that when the Olympics roll around this summer there will be 18 extra boys from Bow that will be particularly interested in the results of the GB diving team.

Well done for qualifying and enjoying this trip boys

Mr Pitt

Year 8 Learning Manager

Olympic Aquatics Centre